Open Swim’s Bradley J. Ross Commandeers New Campaign Highlighting Real-Life Wellness Stories for Nutrafol
February 1, 2024

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Brooklyn, NY – Open Swim’s Director/Founder Bradley J. Ross utilizes a bespoke model to fulfill Nutrafol’s need for varied content across channels. The new work is focused on real stories and is unique to the Nutrafol brand. The collaboration on the 2024 campaign comes after a long-standing, innovative creative partnership with Nutrafol and will continue with new work rolling out.

To view some of the new work from the campaign, go here:

Open Swim has created over 100 Nutrafol deliverables since their two shoots last fall to cover multiple campaigns for varied channels from broadcast TV to radio and social. This time, Open Swim married emotional user journeys with results-based testimonies by profiling 12 real stories of hair thinning, including a woman who fights wildfires on the road for weeks with only a backpack of which contained Nutrafol among other necessities, to a restaurant owner in Chicago who shares her personal menopause journey. This shoot took place in the Hamptons amidst the premiere of Ross’ latest film (“I’ll Be Right There,” starring Edie Falco) at the Hamptons Film Festival. A second shoot focused on Nutrafol’s Founders and core experts informing the brand’s unique story and commitment to science.

“Our goal with all of this work was to build a flexible model to serve varied needs and be able to respond, based on performance data. We prioritized authenticity and diverse customer experiences, and to do so, we utilized a documentary casting process and engaged with a team on a two month-long, nationwide quest to unearth that,” shares Ross. “ The creative direction was mined from the stories we found, and being present throughout the process to craft these stories and seeing it through to delivery was extremely rewarding.. ”

“This campaign is a testament to our bespoke approach to engage with people suited for each unique campaign,” adds Open Swim EP Amyliz Pera. “We hired Alissa Liebert as Head of Production on this project, because she has helmed projects from production, agency, and most recently from the client side with brands like Hilton and Black & Decker. In addition, we invited Photographer and long-time collaborator, Karen Haberberg to capture stills. She and Bradley both have Health & Wellness expertise which makes them a great pairing for many of our clients.” 

Client: Nutrafol 

Customer Stories Shoot 
Production Company: Open Swim, Brooklyn, NY 
Director: Bradley J. Ross 
DP: Kyle Deitz 
Executive Producer: Amyliz Pera 
Head of Production: Alissa Liebert 
Line Producer: Holli Hopkins McGinley
Photographer: Karen Haberberg

Science Shoot
Production Company: Open Swim, Brooklyn, NY 
Director: Bradley J. Ross 
DP: Stefan Wiesen
Executive Producer: Amyliz Pera
Head of Production: Alissa Liebert
Line Producer: Brooke Loonan

Editorial & Post 
Company: Open Swim, Brooklyn, NY 
Editor: Bradley J. Ross
Executive Producer: Amyliz Pera
Production Coordinator: Nate Bloom
Assistant Editor: Sam Zucker
Assistant Editor: Hannah Wederquist-Keller 

Color: Color Nation 
Colorist: Matt West

Original Music: Pregnant Pause 
Composer: Andy Stack 

Audio Post: Sandblast Productions
Mixer: Ralph Kelsey