NFT Bored Ape “Nate Digital” Operated by Open Swim’s CTO Nate Bloom Selected for Bicycle’s Latest Card Series
September 7, 2023

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Brooklyn, NY – The Nate Digital NFT Ape owned by Open Swim’s CTO Nate Bloom has been selected by legendary brand Bicycle Card for their latest Bored Ape Yacht Club Community Playing Card Collection. Bloom’s NFT Ape has been selected as the Jack of Clubs in a collection that will feature a fully randomized packaging system where each individual tuck case will include one of their 54 community Apes combined with unique color and pattern combinations.

“I’ve always been interested in ways to explore the IP use of NFTs,” shares Bloom.  “When Bicycle posted a casting call, it was a no-brainer to jump at the opportunity to be linked to such an iconic brand. It’s fun to not only be featured as the Jack of Clubs, but to also see some friendly faces on the other cards. And who doesn’t love a good ol fashioned deck of cards?!”

“Phase one of NFTs was an exciting coming together of artists and techies in celebration of this new medium,” shares Open Swim Founder Bradley Ross. “When the bubble burst, many of the collections vanished, but the apes are still hanging on. Bicycle is doing something unique to leverage those properties, and it’s nice to see them have a new life in the practical world.”

“One of the core philosophies Open Swim was founded with is the idea that the celebration of our varied abilities and interests will not only enhance the creative potential of the company, but also bring fun and meaning to the work we do,” adds EP Amyliz Pera. “I love that Nate has shared his talent and joy for web3 and digital art with us. We continue to be involved in a diverse array of creative projects, and the kind of support this has yielded with the team is really uplifting.”